Garden Rules Commissary

Our mission—and inspiration: give the good foods the love and respect they deserve. No limp iceberg lettuce. No sad tomatoes. No store-bought dressing. Only bountiful bowls of raw leafy greens tossed with locally sourced vegetables and fruits, fresh meats and cheeses, exceptional toppings and an array of our very own gourmet dressings. We serve awesome soups and fruit|vegetable beverages, too.

Coming Autumn 2017!

At Garden Rules Commissary, we proudly serve generous bowls of raw leafy greens tossed with locally sourced fruits and vegetables, gratifying grains, all-natural meats, artisan cheeses, house-made dressings and more. All in comfortable, delicatessen-style setting with indoor and outdoor seating … or take a seat in our garden. Our menu also includes specialty soups, handcrafted beverages and more. Obey the rules – the Garden Rules!

Our mission is to make food the right way:
one | serve beautiful meals and beverages using the best ingredients.
two | honor local farmers and the environment.
three | create unforgettably excellent customer experiences.