Historic 3rd Ward Building

Built in the early 1930’s, the historic Idaho Falls Third Ward building located on the corner of 13th Street and Lee Avenue spent most of its life as an LDS meetinghouse. In the mid 1980s, the building was acquired by the City of Idaho Falls, and then later returned to worship use as a non-denominational church. Standing empty for the last decade, this beautiful building has deteriorated due to neglect. In May of 2016, Third Ward, LLC, purchased the building and will spend the next few years restoring the historic exterior and respectfully modifying the interior as a healing center. The Third Ward Clinic is NOW OPEN with additional restoration still in progress. The restoration process will be thoroughly documented and shared on this website.


We purchased the historic Third Ward Building in May of 2016 and immediately went to work on renovations. Originally, we had a much more modest design goal of new systems (electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling) along with a facelift of the space for our purposes. However, by mid-summer, we realized that the building really needed to be completely rehabilitated from the foundation up. In some ways, this is a metaphor for the type of care we offer our patients. What can look simple and easy on the surface can turn out to be more complicated. With the right approach and capable professionals, the building is turning out to be a real showpiece. We’ll soon be in and can share the finished product with you. Click below to see a video and a photo gallery.

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