Integrated Health

At the Healing Sanctuary, integrated health is the intentional collaboration of all caregivers for a patient with each other in a treatment team, surrounding a patient with multiple perspectives, providing built-in second and third opinions.

What is Integrated Medicine?

Let’s take a deeper look at integrated health, not to be confused with integrative, which is discussed here.

Limited knowledge provides limited services. At any given time, a patient could be treated by multiple practitioners at the same time. Each of these doctors could be providing different diagnoses, different treatment, and different medication. That can lead to problems. What if healthcare no longer had to be so fragmented?

Gaining in popularity in the 1980’s, integrated health offers a solution to overcome these issues of communication, time, and cost. Integrated health is defined as:

“The management and delivery of health services so that clients receive a continuum of preventive and curative services, according to their needs over time and across different levels of the health system.”

For clients, integrated health means having access to a wide range of coordinated health care services. Providers work together to develop comprehensive treatment plans in a way that minimizes trips to the doctor’s office, and offers an easy-to-navigate system. The goal is to increase a client’s ease of access to different healthcare disciplines, while improving overall understanding of a client’s health and well-being.

Not only does it bring together different technical programs, integrated health creates a network of services which benefits providers by offering a coordinated management system. This allows professionals to see the whole picture of a patient’s health. They are no longer isolated by distance or missing information. They already have a support system of public, private, and voluntary health services in place, ready to assist during health care.

When implemented properly, integrated health offers a variety of joined-up services with a range of skilled team members. Each professional will work together in a network to offer effective, collaborative care to clients.

The Healing Sanctuary strives to deliver the full spectrum of key functions to deliver a truly integrated healthcare system.

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