Massage – More than a Feeling!

Massage – More than a Feeling! By Harvey Hunter, LMT.

Unlocking the Hidden Benefits of Massage
What is your mental association when you hear the word “Massage”?

Each person has a different vision, expectation and experience with this ancient art. Massage Clients can begin to develop a special connection with their Therapist. The longer your Therapist works with you, the more they understand your unique body structure and all your associated aches and pains. Each treatment session can help you to conquer physical pain, reduce stress and improve techniques to overcome range of motion difficulties. The surroundings, music, aroma and aesthetics of the room are all part of the experience.

Massage is indeed a gifted craft. Thus, it’s more than a feeling! Massage sessions provide a perfect opportunity for you to go much deeper inside yourself.

Enjoy the Ride!

I remember years ago, while taking a ride on a passenger train in Colorado, I sat and peered out the window to soak in the vistas of rolling landscape that moved by slowly. It was a pleasant task which required very little effort on my behalf. There was no other agenda except to enjoy the moment. It was my choice to either let the panoramic details pass me by or pause to focus on the things I wanted to see more of. Time did not matter, and I greatly needed a break from the pressures of my job and daily responsibilities at home. As I gazed, unfocused, the problems I brought with me seemed to dissolve and the gentle rock of the train became a very soothing aspect of the whole experience.

Massage can provide that same sort of opportunity for you. The possibilities are endless as each session can be crafted to help you. It also gives you a good platform to dream new dreams as the aches in your body are being melted away.

Be the VIP

Massage is to be relaxing to the physical body but it can also be an elixir to the soul. Life is more than the physical existence. It is a collection of experiences which we record through our senses i.e.; sight, sounds, touch, smell, and taste. From these we form emotional, physiological and spiritual associations. Sometimes we need to sort out the experiences of life. We desire to understand what relates to us directly and what are just passing events.

Massage gives you that opportunity to be that Very Important Person, a virtual holder of First-Class Accommodations. You should begin to visualize yourself in that aspect. Each massage should be an appointed event, tailored to your needs at that moment.

The more you share with your Therapist about your goals for that session, the easier it is for them to create a matching experience for you. Tools such as hot oils, steamed towels, essential oils, relaxing music, salt lamps, heated table, comfortable pillows and massage stones can be used to make journey a pampered event.

Sleep like a Baby
Massage can sometimes induce a “Letting Go” experience. I was once asked, “Is it rude for the Client to fall asleep during a massage?” My answer was simple and I replied, “If you rocked a child in your arms, rubbed their back and made them comfortable, what would your expectations be of them after an hour?” I would not be offended if any Client fell into a deep sleep while being worked on in my office. In fact, it would be the ultimate compliment. Many times, I have had to wake people that drifted off to sleep due to exhaustion, getting rid of built up stress or because they flat enjoyed the pleasure of being massaged. These are all part of the cause and effects of massage.

Sharing and Caring

I would be missing my calling if I was not a Caring Massage Therapist. I’m not ashamed to admit that there were times when I needed someone to listen to me and care for what I was going through. Not everyone is open and wanting to give out personal details but, that is OK. There are requirements for Health Providers and Professionals to protect personal information including details shared in a treatment. Information is sacred and to be protected from being shared outside the confidence of the treatment or session. Providers are bound by law and what is discussed by the Patient or Client is indeed Sacred! In any case, trust is the keystone in any relationship. Sometimes sharing can provide insights on how to change situations. Talking to your Therapist may help you to develop new habits and find things that improve conditions that have been a burden to your existence.

No “One and Done” in Massage
Massage is rarely a one session event for Clients except, where the treatment was a gift or there is no other means for scheduling additional sessions. Massage Therapy is usually a series of treatment conducted at some set interval so improvements and progress in conditions can be measured. As in many practices, Therapists like to include some self-help opportunities such as stretching, heat treatments, rest, increased consumption of water and minerals, balanced diets, exercise and walking.

Massage Therapy is a wide-open field with many modalities and variety of treatments. It is best to seek a Therapist that has good credentials and a great reputation in working many types of modalities. This allows for modifications to be incorporated into a series of treatments.

It is recommended that you make an initial visit with your Massage Therapist. Look at several treatment plans, discuss frequency of visits, and finally, what hours are available for treatments which will match your schedule.

It is exciting to see a returning Client that is happy and making progress towards improvements in the quality of their life. Don’t hesitate to just sit and chat about your treatment needs and goals.

See you in the chair or on the table!

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