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Medical spas, also known as medspas, blend the best of two worlds – a relaxing spa experience, with relaxing restorative procedures and expertise found at a doctor’s office.

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A massage is about so much more than just rubbing sore muscles. Massage therapy counteracts the stresses of everyday life. By providing physical and mental support, massage assists in relaxation, body detoxification, improved sleep and an easing of anxiety and depression. Our facility offers the following treatments:

  • Cranial Sacral Release
  • Deep Tissue Chair Massage
  • Emotional Release Aroma
  • General Polarity Treatment
  • Hot Towel Table Massage
  • Lymphatic Drain
  • Prenatal Table Massage
  • Reflexology Table Massage
  • Seated Hydrotherapy Chair Massage
  • Sports Table Massage
  • Swedish LDL Table Massage

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