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We love to teach nutrition and cooking workshops. Our team specializes in diabetes counseling and management and we love to help people change their paradigm with food and reach their health and nutrition goals.
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Nutrition Lecture Topics

Nutrition Basics

Learn about good nutrition and why the “SAD” Standard American Diet is behind the chronic disease epidemic. Learn how to make sense of food labels and decipher listed ingredients. The lecture covers basic information about fats, proteins and carbohydrates, such as distinguishing between good and bad types, recommended amounts, and foods that are good sources of these macronutrients.

Cooking Matters

Meal planning is an essential part of a healthy diet. This presentation covers creating menus, weekly shopping planning, and designing a well-stocked pantry. Planning and preparing meals at home is the first step in improving your overall health.

Eat This Not

That In today’s food environment, the burning question is “what should I eat?” In this class we will show actual products and help one sift through all the marketing hype and gain the confidence to know that one is choosing the best foods with the best ingredients to promote overall good nutrition.

Plant Strong Diet

Not only do plant strong diets provide one with optimal nutrition, but have also been shown to reduce one’s risk of developing many chronic diseases, including cancer. Learn how to meet all your nutrient requirements while eating a plant based diet. This presentation also provides a simple explanation of fruit and vegetable servings, and the recommended daily amounts. Learn why eating the rainbow has so many health advantages

Foods That Heal

Many foods have the power to prevent and mitigate chronic disease. Learn what foods are a “must have” in your daily diet. These foods are the tools your body needs to create the best overall health for you. Explore the GBOMB foods and what they can do to help you achieve optimum well being. This class discusses why it is important to eat organic whenever possible and identifies the “clean 15 and dirty dozen foods.”

Cooking Class Topics

Building a Better Breakfast

The traditional or typical breakfast usually consist of rapidly available carbohydrates that increase one’s risk of metabolic syndrome. Examples include cereal and milk, muffins or pancakes, This class emphasizes making choices that will start the day off on the right foot, eating whole foods. One will feel better, have more energy, and get a jump start on proper daily nutrition.

Super Salads

This class introduces you to the super greens that will take your salads to a new level. We will show you which ingredients to add to your salads so that they can be a complete satisfying meal. We will skip the bottled dressing and demonstrate easy ways to deliciously dress your greens!

Making Veggie Burgers

In this class we will show you ways to make easy simple veggie burgers that everyone will love. Easy to make and store for quick weekday meals. We will include savory sauces and ideas for side dishes.

Power Packed Lunch

Skip the fast food drive through and start making packing your lunch a daily routine! This class looks at the hazards of fast foods and convenience foods, including fat and calories consumed in a single meal. Learn how to plan and pack a delicious, quick, colorful and disease fighting lunch.

Gluten Free Vegan Treats

We all want an occasional “treat” but we can bake a bit healthier. Yummy “less sugar” treats for you and your family. From easy to make almond chocolate chip cookies to vegan gluten free brownies these simple recipes will be a new family favorite.

At the Healing Sanctuary we believe your daily diet is the most powerful tool to improve your overall health. Over 2500 years ago Hippocrates said the now famous words; “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This is more true today than ever. We embrace this wisdom and understand that food is the basic core of health and wellness.

Pricing Guide

Standard Pricing

Nutrition Consultation $47

Nutrition Lecture $27

Cooking Workshops $87

Buy 5 Nutrition Lectures $97

Buy 5 Cooking Workshops $197

Bundle & Save
  • Package #1 | $197

    4 Week meal plan, recipes and shopping list + 5 nutrition lectures

  • Package #2 | $287

    1 Session Personal Nutritional Consultation + 4 Week meal plan including recipes and shopping list + 5 nutrition lectures + 3 Cooking workshops

  • Package #3 | $497

    1 Session Personal Nutritional Consultation + 6 Week meal plan including recipes and shopping list + 5 nutrition lectures + 5 Cooking workshops + 1 Personal nutrition follow up

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