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Holistic Skincare Ecosystems

Organic Skincare Products made to be profoundly kind and compassionate to your skin.

Organic Skincare at The Healing Sanctuary

Here at The Idaho Falls Healing Sanctuary, we are pleased to offer Blissoma Organic Skincare Products. This skincare is different from most of the others in the cosmetic industry. Blissoma uses premium, raw organic botanical ingredients.

These products restore skin’s vitality through the sacred relationship between plants and people. The original recipes offer a huge range of phytonutrients that benefit every skin need including sensitivities and painful skin problems.


Why Use Organic Skincare Products?

BLISSOMA organic skincare products offer healthy, sustainable personal care products that are intelligently designed, deeply supportive to the human body, and that help address and improve complex skin challenges in a holistic way.

Buying skincare should be a clear and honest process. Customers can be confident that they are receiving the right products for their unique skin needs. We are happy to offer at The Healing Sanctuary in Idaho Falls Blissoma Organic Skincare Products. These products use thoroughly healthy ingredients, and even offer a great value that can become an essential and ongoing part of daily life. Engaging with this version of “beauty” allows people to feel great in a wholesome way. 

It is possible for people to live in health and harmony with their own bodies, and that harmony brings about the most radiant beauty. At The Healing Sanctuary in Idaho Falls, we carry Blissoma Products with 5 unique skincare ecosystems designed to help with your specific skin challenges

Holistic Skincare Idaho Falls


Got a good thing going? Sustain will help you keep it that way. This skincare system gives skin all the basics it needs to glow. The products are well-balanced, creating a healthy diet for skin with daily vitamins, omegafatty acids, and rejuvenating herbs. Our smart recipe designs deliver hydration that lasts while a breathable consistency means no heavy feeling. A complete SUSTAIN regimen provides a day and evening rhythm to go with skin’s natural processes of growth and repair. Essential oils add a clean, fresh aroma and complement the benefits of the herbs.

Blissoma Skin Care Idaho Falls


We all need a little help sometimes. That’s why RESCUE is around to correct the look of troubled skin. Targeted formulas deep cleanse pores to keep them clear and encourage a healthy microbiome. The right herbs for irritated skin reduce the look of redness so skin can get back to beautiful. Lightweight textures hydrate without clogging to encourage balance oil production, meaning no swings toward oil slicks or parching. RESCUE offers crucial aid whether it’s a temporary crisis or a chronic disruption.

Soothing Skincare Idaho Falls


Skin feeling sensitive? The Soothe skincare ecosystem offers relief from reactivity. Rich botanical oils rebuild your lipid layer to help retain more hydration and increase resilience. The herbs in these recipes are selected through careful research to reduce the look of inflammation and irritation. When skin stings, prickles, swells, and flakes it needs special care and comfort. Love is an action word, and SOOTHE products provide lots of it for skin in need.

Skincare Products Idaho Falls


Create an ageless quality in your skin. RENEW is the way to rediscover the vibrant look of deeply healthy beauty. This organic skincare system can refresh the look of tired skin cells with adaptogenic herbs that improve the look of coloration and firmness. Advanced natural antioxidants replace what skin loses from age and stress. Raw, whole plant oils plump and condition to feed elasticity and prevent the look of fine lines. RENEW has a high, healing vibration and respects your experience of beauty within your amazing body.

Blissoma Skin Care Idaho


Damage to skin builds up daily. DEFEND offers a cocktail of super-powered plants and protective compounds to fortify and repair the look of skin exposed to sun and pollution. These skincare products do the work for you so all you have to do is glow. They infuse crucial antioxidants to neutralize free radicals created by daily life. Our super popular broad spectrum mineral sunscreen reflects light, making a day in the sun easy on skin.Our serum rounds out the day with a sophisticated combination of herbs to prevent the look of hyperpigmentation and protect the look of the deeper structures of skin. DEFEND is your gatekeeper, bouncing out the bad so you can keep only the good from each day.

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