Patient Reviews

“Dr. Baker is one of the only doctor’s who has ever been able to treat my symptoms with a whole health approach and promote healing. He also delivered my twin girls avoiding a c-section. He’s patient and takes the time to listen and solve problems. This new sanctuary is perfect because it will allow a one-stop shop for healing and healing is what Dr. Baker is all about.”Hilary B.
“Great place and great doctors. Dr. Baker is fantastic, he has delivered my two children, and now sees my wife and myself!”Christopher L.
5 Stars!Su S.
“Loved the feel of this place. The drs and staff are so friendly and welcoming. I have been seeing Dr baker for a few years now and he is absolutely great. I love that he has an opportunity to live out his dream in a new practice with much more to offer!”Britney B.
“Dr. Baker really makes me feel comfortable. He’s very relaxed and has a way of calming my nerves. I am very excited to continue working with him in the future!”Katy Lyn M.
“I am so excited for Dr. BAKER. He is amazing! I have never had a doctor that truly cares like he does. He is such a blessing in my life and will be a great inspiration to many!!!”Nicole J.
5 Stars!Erika R.
“Can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Baker and the other health care providers!”Halli S.
“Doctor Baker is hands down the best Doctor I have every seen. He is so caring and genuinely cares about his patients. He delivered me when I was born and he delivered both my kids. He has great staff! We travel from Pocatello just so we can see them. We love The Healing Sanctuary!”Emily G.
“Jeff Baker has been my doctor of almost 19 years, he delivered all my babies and has provided all my personal healthcare as well. I’m excited to see him move to this great new location and focusing on whole body healthcare!”Rebecca B.
“I went in for an appointment a few days ago. As I was explaining the symptoms of why I was there, they asked me about other health issues I had listed, that I have just “dealt” with for years. Before I left I had all the answers to making my more immediate issue better, I also had help and a lot of HOPE with issues I had just thought I’d have to live with. From a person who has had health problems for all my life I had renewed hope, faith, and trust after discovering the sanctuary!!!”Tammy G.
5 Stars!Angie A.
“I love it there everyone is so helpful and Dr. Baker is going to make sure I get my issue taken care of and get me feeling better thank you.”Pam P.