When we set out on the journey to renovate the historic Third Ward building in Idaho Falls for our clinic home, we really felt that we were going to go in, clean up, update some stuff, paint, and move in – maybe 6 months. Well, that just wasn’t what the building was telling us. We are now going on 16 months with probably 1 or 2 more to go. Our renovation has become a bottom-to-top restoration. And we’re okay with that.

We’ve made the comparison before of this building project to some of our patients and their health struggles. Often, our patients come to us with a symptom or two they just can’t ignore anymore, hoping that a simple visit and maybe a prescription will put them to rights. Often, that does happen. But … sometimes it doesn’t. Just as with our new building, we have to dig deeper and do more than just a quick visit and a band-aid. That’s what The Healing Sanctuary is all about. Hopefully, you see the care and attention we’ve put into our new home. We do exactly that same thing for you!

Now, let us share a few glimpses of progress with you to keep you excited – because we sure are!

Busy on the outside, we have new curbs, gutters, sidewalks, parking lot, and the landscapers have begun:

The back lower patio is coming along nicely, seen here with its new ceiling:

Prep work is going full speed – here you see floor sanding and painting:

Our bathrooms have turned into showpieces of their own:

Our master carpenters continue to amaze as they finish up each detail – this is a newel post for the main stairs (see the historic one to the left being used as a pattern):

Cabinets and countertops are being installed everywhere we turn:

Some areas are really, really close to being done – this is the top floor:

When we purchased the building, here is what the front door looked like (April 2016):

We loved the arch window much more than the aluminum door system and guessed that this door probably wasn’t original. Fortunately, we were able to locate some historic photos of the building with the original door system. We think it looked a ton nicer:

So, we decided to tear out the aluminum travesty and build a brand new solid oak door system. We installed it today and while there is still trim, paint, and door hanging to do, the change is dramatic and impressive:

How do you think it turned out? Share with us in the comments.

Here’s a final mystery for you! What secret place is as the top of these stairs? Come see us to find out!

The building is filled with craftspeople going full steam to complete the restoration and get us in soon, after which we look forward to having you visit to see it all in person. Until then, please come see us at our temporary clinic on the corner of Woodruff and Sunnyside.