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Traditional and Integrative Family Care at The Healing Sanctuary

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Jeffrey B. Baker, MD

Owner & Chief Medical Officer

I am Dr. Jeffrey Baker, the owner and founder of The Healing Sanctuary. Around 20 years ago, my perspective on helping people improve their health started evolving. My goal was to establish a center that delves into the root causes of disease, incorporating methods that have proven beneficial over millennia. This vision materialized into a novel healthcare clinic, The Healing Sanctuary.

At our clinic, I assist patients comprehensively, addressing their healthcare needs and inquiries with a balanced and holistic mindset. My approach involves understanding why they feel a certain way and exploring potential sources for their concerns. I aspire for individuals to come to The Healing Sanctuary and embark on a new journey of health and wellness. By helping them identify imbalances in their lives and restoring what needs attention, my aim is to guide them toward a path of improved well-being.

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Nancy Rydalch

 Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

I earned my Bachelors in Business Administration from National University in La Jolla, CA. While I may operate behind the scenes, my role in patients’ healing journeys is substantial.

Since 2016, I have gained extensive experience in the intricacies of an integrative medical center, serving as the office manager at Wholesome Health alongside Dr. Laramie Wheeler. My knowledge spans various healing modalities, from office visits and IV therapies to supplements, prescription medications, and other therapeutic approaches. I comprehend the intricacies of dealing with insurance companies and empathize with the frustrations patients encounter as they navigate the complexities of their medical conditions. I firmly believe in the healing arts and am committed to building a dedicated medical team that operates seamlessly for your benefit.

Outside of work, my husband Nathan, our five daughters, and I find joy in activities like golfing, hiking, and camping.

Carl Stoddard

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

I am an accomplished Senior Executive and Board Member with over 20 years of success in various industries, including medical, finance, insurance, technology, and software. Drawing on my extensive experience in corporate finance, I prove to be a valuable asset for companies facing challenges in profit and loss management, business model development, or the implementation of new accounting systems and metrics. My expertise spans strategic planning and implementation, financial analysis, business development, financial acumen, profit and loss, and budgeting.

The Healing Sanctuary


Clinic Manager

Having recently relocated to Idaho from my Colorado hometown, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Human Services from the University of Northern Colorado. Over the past decade, I’ve dedicated myself to the healthcare industry, finding immense fulfillment and challenge in the field. Working in healthcare allows me to be a positive influence and provide assistance to others, aspects of my job that I truly cherish.

Outside of work, I have diverse interests such as crocheting and indulging in the hobby of cake decorating. Alongside my husband, I share a passion for spending quality time with our two dogs, engaging in fishing adventures, and cherishing moments with our extended family. These activities not only bring joy into my life but also contribute to a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle.

The Healing Sanctuary


HR Generalist

Born and raised in Idaho Falls, I currently reside in Shelley. My journey includes a transformative 2-year mission in Mexico for the LDS church. Armed with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a recent Master’s in Organizational Leadership, I proudly serve as the President of the SE Idaho Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management. Thrilled by the prospect of fostering growth and recognizing individual contributions, I bring my passion to The Healing Sanctuary and Clinical Research Prime. I firmly believe that work, beyond being an economic necessity, is a psychological one, with everyone holding something valuable to contribute.

Married to my high school sweetheart, our shared love for travel is complemented by the joy of parenting three wonderful children and caring for a diverse menagerie including a horse, rabbit, goats, dogs, chickens, and cats. Basketball, coaching youth teams, and exploring musical theatre further enrich my life.

The Healing Sanctuary


Marketing Specialist

I graduated with a B.A. in Communications and Public Relations from ISU, driven by my passion for connecting with community members and coworkers. My extensive background includes marketing and social media roles at a hospital, medical clinics, and organizing medical conferences as an event coordinator. I take pride in serving as a bridge between the medical world and the public in my current position.

Originally from Austin, TX, I’ve called Idaho Falls home for nearly two decades and have grown to love the community. During my leisure time, I find joy in reading, enjoying movies with my husband, playing with our dogs, and engaging in board games with friends. Our ongoing project involves remodeling our older house, a rewarding endeavor that is nearing completion in our precious free moments.



I started my culinary/restaurant career when I was 14 years old as a dishwasher, busser, and some prep in a small family-owned restaurant. Over the years I have worked in California, Nevada, Colorado, Hawaii, and now Idaho. I have extensive experience as a chef, manager and even owner of restaurants. I recently moved to Idaho Falls to get away from the craziness of the big city.

I am the gourment chef for The Healing Sanctuary and love providing healthy, nutritious options for lunch each day to the staff.

When I am out of the kitchen, I enjoy snowboarding, fishing, riding, and racing dirt bikes. I love the outdoors in general!

Medical Staff

Medical Providers

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OB/GYN | Integrative & Functional Medicine

My mission is to help patients with all of their health care needs using traditional, alternative, and integrative care. I listen and take the time to find the root cause of health issues, instead of just treating the symptoms. Using traditional and integrative methods, I provide a unique, customized experience for each and every patient to help them achieve their optimal health.

I graduated from BYU and then University of Utah Medical School with an MD and board-certified in OB/GYN as well as Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine. I also use some ayurvedic medicine as well. Whether you are looking for answers to specific health questions or wellness for your entire family, come experience the difference of a patient-centered health care clinic.

Jeffrey B. Baker, MD

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Taylor D. Smith MSPH, PA-C

Physician Assistant

As a native of Idaho Falls, I’m thrilled to practice in this wonderful town and give back to the community that played a significant role in my youth. My interest in healthcare started at a young age when I had the opportunity to work at my grandfather’s pharmacy, Eastgate Drug, in Idaho Falls. Building trusting and lasting relationships with patients brings me great satisfaction, and I find joy in shared decision-making between the patient and me.

For my undergraduate degree, I attended Idaho State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Language and Literature while completing prerequisite courses for my postgraduate education. I pursued further education at Campbell University in North Carolina, participating in a dual-degree program. Here, I earned my Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) and Master of Physician Assistant Practice (MPAP) degrees. I am credentialed as a certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) through the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) and have completed Certified Training in Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Laurie Pinkerton - The Healing Sanctuary - PA-C

Joseph Armbruster, APRN, MSN, FNP-BC 

Family Nurse Practitioner 

I was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri and lived there for 38 years. I chose nursing as a way to help others, and began my nursing career working in neurosurgery patient care and neurology research. I met my future wife and moved to Elko, Nevada where I continued working for 14 years before getting my Family Nurse Practitioner degree at Purdue University. 

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I enjoyed working with children in a pediatric clinic. I felt that my purpose was to help others better their lives physically by sharing the wisdom and knowledge I had acquired in my medical practices.

MA Staff

The Healing Sanctuary


Medical Assistant

Originally hailing from San Diego, I recently relocated to Idaho. With a 22-year career as an EMT and 9 years as a certified medical assistant, my professional journey has included impactful roles in functional medicine. Assisting patients on their health and wellness journeys in this field is particularly rewarding. Building close relationships with patients and witnessing their progress through integrative medicine approaches brings me great satisfaction.

In my personal life, my husband and I share the joy of raising four children and enjoying outdoor activities with our two dogs. This family-oriented lifestyle complements my professional dedication, creating a balanced and fulfilling existence.


Medical Assistant

I completed my Associates in Medical Assisting at BYU-I and have a background in family medicine and pediatrics. My passion lies in interacting with people and contributing to their well-being, emphasizing the significance of alternative medicine in patient care.

Outside of work, I engage in crafting or outdoor exploration, finding a balance between my professional and personal pursuits for a well-rounded and fulfilling life.


Medical Assistant

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Possessing an associates degree in Paramedic Science, I embarked on my healthcare journey as a CNA in nursing homes and home health, later spending 5 years as a CNA/Clerk in the Emergency Room at EIRMC. Further diversifying my experience, I dedicated 3 years to phlebotomy at a plasma donation center. What captivates me about medicine is the focus on the patient and addressing the root cause of illness rather than just treating symptoms, fostering a caring environment that makes work a daily joy.

Raised in Idaho Falls, I have a deep love for the area. My nearly 2-year-old brings immense joy to my life, and I relish every moment watching him grow. Hiking and paddle boarding in the summer serve as my most tranquil pastimes, providing a rejuvenating escape into nature when time allows.

The Healing Sanctuary

Taylor A.

Medical Assistant

In 2015, I earned my medical assisting diploma from Fortis College, subsequently gaining experience in diverse clinical settings, ranging from mental health to family practice. The allure of The Healing Sanctuary lies in the wealth of knowledge and growth opportunities it offers. Juggling a bustling life with two children, my downtime revolves around hobbies like sewing, hiking, and swimming. These activities provide a refreshing balance, contributing to both personal enjoyment and a well-rounded professional life.

The Healing Sanctuary


Certified Medical Assistant

I graduated with my Certified Medical Assisting degree from EITC in 2014 and have dedicated about 10 years to working in pediatrics. My strength lies in customer service, and I find immense joy in working with people. Recently joining the Healing Sanctuary has been a wonderful privilege, aligning with my belief in a different approach to medicine focused on root causes.

Beyond work, I indulge in gardening and canning, specializing in Dilly Beans (pickled green beans!) With pride, I watch my beautiful children excel in after-school activities like basketball, cheerleading, and rodeo during my free time.


Lab Assistant


Lab Assistant

Following my graduation from the Medical Assistant program, I dedicated 15 years to serving at a Community Health Center, taking on various roles such as Medical Assistant, Lab Technician, and Supervisor. My passion lies in delivering high-quality healthcare to all.

While residing in Washington, I came across an exciting job opportunity at THS. Intrigued by the services offered, I pursued it eagerly.

As a mother of four children and two cats, I enjoy outdoor activities, camping, playing games, and line dancing. I also bond with my eldest through rock collecting, read history books, and love cooking. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I recently moved to Idaho Falls with my partner and kids, drawn to its small-town charm. The warm welcome of the community reassures us that it’s the perfect place to raise our family.

IV Therapy

Kathy - The Healing Sanctuary - Phlebotomist


IV Supervisor/Phlebotomist

For over 9 years, I’ve served as a Certified Phlebotomist, spending 5 of those years as a phlebotomy trainer. Being a part of The Healing Sanctuary team allows me to offer “options” rather than just addressing symptoms, which I find fulfilling. My passion lies in prioritizing the health and well-being of others, particularly in healthcare that emphasizes preventative care. I firmly believe that understanding one’s health is both a significant asset and a critical responsibility. Working in an environment that values these principles brings me immense satisfaction.

Kathy - The Healing Sanctuary - Phlebotomist


Registered Nurse/IV Specialist

I obtained my Associates degree in Nursing from CSI, fueled by a passion for helping individuals and making a positive impact on their lives. While working at Minidoka Memorial Hospital, I engaged in hands-on experiences with medication, assessments, and patient communication, building meaningful relationships with patients and tracking their progress.

My interest in IV therapy led me to The Healing Sanctuary, where the welcoming environment and staff left a lasting impression. Determined to be part of this team, I persistently pursued opportunities. Outside of work, I enjoy mountain hikes, off-roading, and snowboarding. As a coffee and crew neck enthusiast, Fall is my favorite season, providing the perfect excuse for comfy outfits and indulging in coffee from the various local shops.

Kathy - The Healing Sanctuary - Phlebotomist


Registered Nurse/IV Specialist




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Hailing from Costa Rica and residing in Idaho for the past 12 years, I entered the field of aesthetics driven by a passion for skincare and the associated self-care practices. Helping individuals enhance their confidence and well-being brings me immense joy. With prior experience in a medical spa specializing in laser treatments and body sculpting, my certification in phlebotomy complements aesthetic procedures. I thrive on staying abreast of advancements in the medical field, continually learning new techniques.

Outside of work, my two amazing kids occupy my free time. Whether it’s watching movies, delving into a good book, or engaging in crafting, scrapbooking, and crocheting, I cherish moments of relaxation and creativity.


Patient Care Coordinator

Graduating with an esthetic license from Austin Kade Academy in 2017 and later obtaining my CNA from CEI in 2022, my diverse background includes marketing, social media, patient care, and surgical procedures. Working as a personal assistant for an author and as an OB tech in a labor and delivery hospital, I discovered a passion for patient care, merging my love for the beauty industry with healthcare.

Originally from St. George, UT, I’ve called Idaho Falls home for 23 years. While I daydream about sandy beaches, IF has been the perfect place to raise my two girls with my best friend and husband. Reading in precious spare moments is a cherished pastime. Come summer, we indulge in paddleboarding and kayaking, and when winter arrives, cozying up inside with warm drinks, popcorn, and a good Disney movie is our family tradition.




Previously serving as a Front Desk Coordinator at a recovery, chronically homeless, and veterans facility in Boise, I am thrilled to contribute to my team and community, fostering wellness and health.

Having recently returned to Idaho Falls after 25 years in Boise, my free time revolves around cherishing moments with my grandkids and participating in their activities. I find joy in camping, unwinding at natural hot springs, attending live music and theater events, practicing yoga and meditation, and exploring art shows and lectures. This well-rounded mix of activities reflects my appreciation for family, relaxation, and cultural engagement.



I am a certified pilates instructor, trained in Huntington Beach, California, with a passion for wellness and community service. With a background in cosmetology, I have owned and managed my own salon, and have experience in hospitality. I’ve managed salons, retail shops, pilates studios, and worked at The Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, CA.

I also specialize in social media marketing for fitness, beauty, and wellness content. I am passionate about wellness, regenerative, and functional medicine, and love learning about these fields.

I moved to Idaho to marry the love of my life and to be closer to family. I enjoy spending time working out, watching baseball games, enjoying the outdoors, museums, or a good book on the beach!



Billing Specialist

With over 30 years in the medical field, I’ve navigated roles in reception, customer service, medical billing, and collecting. Thriving in our Billing Department, I find fulfillment in aiding patients with insurance comprehension and contributing to our facility’s growth.

As an “Air Force Brat,” I’ve experienced a nomadic lifestyle, culminating in a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Oporto, Portugal. Originally from Seattle, I relocated to the Blackfoot area to support family and address health concerns concerning my parents.


Billing Specialist

My interest in billing sparked at my recent job, recognizing its vital role in the healthcare system. Whole-body healing aligns with my values, as I’ve always advocated for holistic health.

Yoga, outdoor activities, and quality time with friends and family bring me joy. At home, I share my space with three lively dogs who are avid cuddlers, adding a playful and loving dynamic to my life.

Billing Specialist