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Building Update – Glimpses

In Building by Stephen Loosli6 Comments

When we set out on the journey to renovate the historic Third Ward building in Idaho Falls for our clinic home, we really felt that we were going to go in, clean up, update some stuff, paint, and move in – maybe 6 months. Well, that just wasn’t what the building was telling us. We are now going on 16 …

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Better Eating? Seasonal Shopping!

In Functional, General Healing, Integrative, Naturopathic, Nutrition, Weight Loss by Stephen Loosli1 Comment

Better Eating? Seasonal Shopping! By Dr. Jeff Baker, MD. The farmers’ markets here in Eastern Idaho are beginning to offer up more abundant choices of local, fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. I have long been an advocate of a seasonal diet, consuming the “fruits of the season” and varying my consumption over the course of the year. Simply, gut health …

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Salt – Tasty, Deadly

In Family Practice, General Healing, Men's Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Women's Health by Stephen Loosli1 Comment

Sodium – how much is too much? By Lindsay Venn, PA-C RD. In the 20 years of dietary counseling I have done, sodium remains the one dietary alteration that patients struggle the most with. This is unfortunate because this change can have the most drastic effects on the body if a person can limit their sodium intake successfully. The most …

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Our Aim at The Healing Sanctuary

In Dr. Baker Chats, Family Practice, Functional, General Healing, Integrated, Integrative, Men's Health, Mind Body, Women's Health by Stephen Loosli3 Comments

Our Aim at The Healing Sanctuary (THS). By Dr. Jeff Baker, MD. Our aim at THS may be unlike any you have encountered regarding a health care provider. Our goal is to help you reach optimal health. We strive to address the concerns and areas you want examined and investigated, but we also strive to discover those areas that may …

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Massage – More than a Feeling!

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Massage – More than a Feeling! By Harvey Hunter, LMT. Unlocking the Hidden Benefits of Massage What is your mental association when you hear the word “Massage”? Each person has a different vision, expectation and experience with this ancient art. Massage Clients can begin to develop a special connection with their Therapist. The longer your Therapist works with you, the …

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Summer, Sun, and … Sunscreen!

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Summer, Sun, and … Sunscreen! By Tyrie McWilliams, RN. Wahooo!!!! It’s that time of year again! The highly anticipated, never underestimated, dog days of summer are here! If you’re anything like me, you have been counting down the days until you can bust out the flip flops, dust off your favorite bikini or board shorts, pull out the old pool …

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It’s All About the Little Things!

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It’s All About the Little Things. By Tammi Enkey. Recently I returned home for a week to North Carolina to attend my grandfather’s funeral. During that week I had multiple opportunities to return down memory lane fondly remembering my many memories that I have with my grandparents in North Carolina. I thought about the many lessons that I have learned …