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Michelle – IV, Ozone, & Hyperbaric Therapy

"The Energy Really Started to Kick in"Michelle - Chronic Epstein Barr Virus - FatigueI've been sick for about 7 years, maybe longer. I've been dealing with chronic Epstein Barr Virus. Just absolutely debilitating fatigue. I also had some other minor issues like...

Emma – IV & Ozone Therapy

"Find the Healing You are Looking For"Condition: Endometriosis | Recurrent Miscarriage Treatment: IV Nutrition & Ozone TherapyHave you ever felt that you had to subject yourself to heartache and pain because there were no other options? Or because you thought you had...

How to Fight Off a Sugar Craving

How to Fight Off a Sugar Craving

Everywhere you go in our society sugar is a constant temptation, inserting itself into almost every aspect of our lives. Even many products you may not believe to have sugar are probably hiding it, such as cereal, granola, oatmeal, pasta sauce, salad dressing, energy...

Green Smoothies Can Help Kick the Sugar Habit

Green Smoothies Can Help Kick the Sugar Habit

Green Smoothies are getting a lot of attention lately! Smoothies are delicious, yes but what is all the hype about? Short answer: They are a Health Conscious Choice providing you with the power to resist sugary foods! How? Healthy Green Smoothies Provide: Smoothies...

The Power of Pumpkin Seeds

The Power of Pumpkin Seeds

Are you looking for an easy way to add some health benefits to your diet? Pumpkin seeds are filled with nutrients and powerful antioxidants. The best part is, they can easily be incorporated into your everyday eating routine. If you want to understand the power of...

Optimizing Nutrition

Optimizing Nutrition Optimizing nutrition is a tool we use to improve health, improve weight, decrease pain, decrease inflammation, increase energy, and increase vitality. We have a detoxification and nutrition program that can help with what...

Post Natal Care

Post Natal Care Continuing to take your vitamins after pregnancy is very important, especially when breastfeeding. By giving you the right vitamins and minerals, we can still protect the baby and improve the baby's neurological development...

Gut Health

Gut Health Digestion and gut health is key to your overall health and wellness. At The Healing Sanctuary, checking for issues with digestion and inflammation is a huge part of our diagnostic work-up. We also like to use supplements and...


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