Hair Treatments

Show your scalp some love!


Poor scalp health is a major contributor to damaged and thinning hair.

Dry skin, clogged follicles, dead skin cells, and lack of circulation can lead directly to thinner-looking hair. Healthier-looking hair starts with a healthy scalp! HydraFacial Vortex Technology and Keravive Peptide Complex Solution cleanses, exfoliates, and delivers a proprietary blend of biomimetic growth factors and skin proteins to hydrate and nourish the scalp. Keravive is a gentle and relaxing three-step process.

Step 1: Cleanse & Exfoliate

  • Relaxing, painless suction and hydration removes dirt, oil, and dead skin.
  • Deeply cleanses hair follicles of product build up.

Step 2: Hydrate & Nourish

  • Optimized delivery of a proprietary blend of 5 biomimetic growth facts and 2 skin proteins.

Step 3: Extend & Enhance

  • Take-home treatment spray helps deliver ongoing benefits between treatments. 

Keravive is designed for anyone looking to improve their scalp health and experience fuller-looking hair. Treatment is recommended in-office once per month for three consecutive months, with daily use of the topical take-home spray at home. After the first three months, clients can choose a plan that fits to maintain efficacy.

PRP Hair Restoration

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is a non-surgical, therapeutic option to reverse hair loss and for patients who require stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions.  

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