IV Therapy

IV Vitamin and Nutrient Infusions allow higher doses of targeted supplements, with better absorption, and faster delivery to the cells throughout your body.

What is Nutritional IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is an amazingly easy method of delivering vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the body through the bloodstream. This method of delivering micronutrients is not a new concept and has been used for many years.

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Why IV Therapy?

When we consume foods or supplements in pill or liquid form, they need to travel through our digestive system before they can start being utilized by our bodies. It is estimated that as much as 50% of the population has issues with absorption in their digestive systems, meaning that they never get the full benefits of the nutrients that they take in. Pills in particular are associated with low absorption rates.

Vitamins and minerals in food break down during storage, cooking and metabolism. With a specially formulated IV therapy drip, you know that you are getting every bit of the benefit with the most efficient administration method possible.

When you send vitamins, minerals and hydration directly into the bloodstream, you bypass the digestive system altogether. There are no issues with substances being changed during metabolism or failing to be absorbed. Your body absorbs optimal benefits from these powerful compounded recipes that are full of the highest quality ingredients. 

We Provide All of Our IV Patients With:

Treatments for Autoimmune Disease

Physician Oversight

Neuropathy Treatment

One on One Care From Registered Nurses

Find the root cause of illness

Education on What is Being Administered

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Highest Quality Ingredients

Chronic Fatigue

Tranquil and Calming Environment

Most Popular IV Menu Items

There truly is something for everyone. Depending on why you are seeking the health benefits of an IV infusion, there are different mixes that serve different purposes. IV MENU

The most common reasons are for:

  • Immune system boost
  • Detox
  • Mental health
  • Aesthetics
  • Healing enhancement
  • Pain relief
  • Metabolism

Myers’ Cocktail

The Myers’ cocktail is by far the most popular and most sought-after IV nutrition. While every facility will offer different amounts of each nutrient, the basis of the Myers’ cocktail includes Vitamin C, B, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc. The Healing Sanctuary believes that our recipes are perfected with the necessary amounts of each vitamin and mineral. Our IVs are more potent than others. The Myers Cocktail IV will give you an energy boost and enhance hair skin and organs through cellular rejuvenation. People will seek this IV for relief from migraines, hangovers, stress, and chronic conditions.


Procaine IV infusions can improve the quality of life for those struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. As your provider sees fit, it can be added to your treatment plan for additional symptom management. When Procaine is administered intravenously it can act as a reset for an overactive nervous system. This type of calming of the central nervous system can also help with nerve pain and headaches. Procaine is broken down by enzymes in the body tissue so it can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure in some cases. Because of these benefits and more, it is easy to see why procaine is such a commonly administered IV therapy.

Vitamin C

Many people are aware of the benefits of Vitamin C. What you may not be aware of is how much more effective it is when received intravenously. Vitamin C can reach much higher levels when administered directly into the bloodstream. The commonly known advantages of this vitamin include boosting the immune system. However, most people wait until they are surrounded by illness or starting to feel under the weather before they start loading up on Vitamin C. An IV can expedite this process and keep your immune system strong while fighting off whatever you may come in contact with. With our long Idaho winters, the cold and flu season is also longer. Most people seek IVC to expedite an illness like the everyday cold, or to keep the immune system strong enough to fight off the germs all around us. Because of the way it affects the immune system, Vitamin C IV can be a good mitigation option for medications that have side effects resulting in a weakened immune system.

Benefits of IV Therapy

IV Vitamin and Nutrient Infusions allow higher doses of targeted supplements, with better absorption, and faster delivery to the cells throughout your body. Often a few weeks of therapy will:

May see improved symptoms related to chronic disease.

Allow quick and easy transition to the appropriate oral supplements.

15 Top Benefits


  1. Cleansing your body of toxins and free radicals.
  2. Combining various vitamins and detoxifying agents has been shown to boost blood flow, help maintain vital organ function, and increase cellular energy production.
  3. Promotes better cardiovascular health.
  4. The fastest, most efficient way possible to get nutrients in your body.
  5. Easier on the digestive system. IV Therapy by-passes the digestive system which would otherwise lower the amount of vitamins your body can absorb.
  6. Can treat certain medical conditions.
  7. Provides your body with natural energy.
  8. Helps to resolve and prevent illness by boosting the immune system with antioxidants.
  9. Increases cellular healing rates.
  10. Reduces nausea, vomiting and stomach pain while receiving full nutrient benefits.
  11. Helps to maintain a healthy weight (adding Carnitine, Alpha-lipoic acid).
  12. Increases energy levels.
  13. IV Therapy (IVT) can enhance your endurance, help you feel stronger, help memory, and may reduce symptoms of stress.
  14. Restores balance and aids in homeostasis.
  15. IV drip therapy provides overall wellness by providing 100% of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Here at The Healing Sanctuary we want you to get the best treatment you can.

Vitamin and nutrient deficiency

IV Vitamin

Our MDs and PAs use proven integrative treatments and modern medical knowledge to help restore you to full health.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue is something that so many people deal with now days. Our doctors will help restore your full energy.

Cancer Prevention


Let us help you prevent one of the most frightening diseases out there. Our doctors help you take preventative steps.

How is IV Therapy Administered?

It starts with getting labs drawn and having them reviewed by your provider. The results of your baseline assessment will be used to determine which key nutrients will benefit you the most.

Even though IV therapy involves placing a needle into the arm, the experience is comfortable and almost pain free in our expert hands. A typical IV takes approximately 20 minutes to 1 hour to administer depending on the type of IV required.

IV Vitamin & Nutrient Infusions have been found to help with a variety of medical conditions such as these:


Alzhiemer’s Dementia




Chronic Epstein-Bar Virus










Immune Disorders




Lyme Disease


And Much More

Treatments for vitamin and nutrient deficiency

Our Treatments emphasize natural solutions. Typical treatments for vitamin and nutrient deficiency include:

1.  An Appropriate Nutritional Program

2.  An Appropriate Vitamin/Mineral/Nutrient Replacement Program (Including oral and/or IV Replacement)

Intravenous vitamin and nutrient infusions may be administered once or twice a week. Often a few weeks of therapy will markedly improve symptoms related to chronic disease and allow the transition to the appropriate oral supplements. IV vitamin and nutrient infusions may offer the best alternative to improve your health and wellness naturally.

IV therapy with nutrients may be needed only a few times or needed a couple times weekly for an extended period of time. Your provider will make a specially formulated and custom plan just for you depending on your needs. Follow up with your provider after 6-8 weeks for additional treatment customization.

The greatest advantage to IV nutritional therapy is that the body gets vital nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals immediately. Any condition that requires the body’s immune system to combat a disease or illness may greatly benefit from this procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for IV nutritional therapy to work?
The IV procedure should take about 30-60 minutes. Typically patients will feel better 3-4 days afterward.
How long does IV nutritional therapy last?
Depending on the treatment plan your doctor has prescribed, treatment can occur every few days, to every two weeks with the goal of moving to a maintenance phase. Determining what your end goal is and how aggressive the treatment plan is are influential factors to how long your therapy will last and how frequently it will occur. With consistent IV therapy, the results will last longer as your body improves and reach the goals set by you and your doctor.
Is IV nutritional therapy safe?
IV nutritional therapy is safe! It is one of the quickest ways to get nutrients into your body which can promote health in a variety of ways. This type of therapy can boost your energy levels, improve your mental health and even reduce symptoms for migraines and asthma.
What are the risks of IV nutritional therapy?
When receiving IV treatment, The Healing Sanctuary provides quality one on one care to ensure you are comfortable and that your treatment is going well. Our Registered Nurses are thoroughly trained on IV etiquette and do a great job to ensure you are not only comfortable, but that the IV is properly and safely administered. Although highly unlikely, some potential risks are irritation in the vein or skin and blood clots. Another potential side effect could be an air embolism which is an air bubble that gets stuck in a vein or artery. If untreated, air embolisms could cause further issues. It’s important to speak up if you’re feeling discomfort so your doctor can help you feel comfortable and reduce the likelihood of the above mentioned side effects.
Should I eat before my IV treatment?
Consult with your doctor about their expectations and everything you need to do before your treatment. Staying hydrated before your appointment is a crucial part of your preparation for IV nutritional therapy. It is highly recommended that you eat something before your appointment since you’re more likely to be nauseous if your stomach is empty. Having a full stomach before the treatment allows your blood vessels to open up and provides more nutrients to your body.

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