“The Energy Really Started to Kick in”

Michelle – Chronic Epstein Barr Virus – Fatigue

I’ve been sick for about 7 years, maybe longer. I’ve been dealing with chronic Epstein Barr Virus. Just absolutely debilitating fatigue. I also had some other minor issues like arthritis-like pain in my hands that was caused by some other medicine I had previously been given by a different doctor. I have been mostly bedridden for the past 7 years. And by mostly I mean 90-95%. I was so discouraged and frustrated realizing that life was passing me by and I didn’t know how to get better.

I have gone from doctor to doctor who just didn’t know how to help me. Their solution was to hand me various kinds of pills, shrug and send me out the door. I had heard about The Healing Sanctuary for about a year before I finally came in and made an appointment. From the very beginning, I felt seen and heard by the staff. Dr. Baker and [Taylor] Smith are both great! They really listen to your questions and concerns.

I explained all my health issues to Dr. Baker. And there were a lot. He suggested trying Ozone and IV Therapy and the Hyperbaric Chamber. I was hesitant and had concerns as these treatments are uncommon. But all my questions were answered by Shareen and Karley. Shareen is over the IV Therapy Department and Karley is the Hyperbaric Technician. They are incredibly knowledgeable about the treatments. They put you at ease and make sure to answer all your questions, so that you understand how these treatments help you to heal and feel better. 

It’s been about 4 months since I finished the treatments. I had some energy afterwards but about a month ago the energy really stared to kick in. I know it take time to reverse 7-8 years of illness. I will start maintenance treatments in a few months to help keep moving forward in my progress. What is great is that The Healing Sanctuary has given me hope again. I’m not 100% healed but I now know I can get there with the help of the doctors here. I recommend The Healing Sanctuary to everyone I know.

“What is great is that The Healing Sanctuary has given me hope again…I recommend [them] to everyone I know.”

- Michelle

At The Healing Sanctuary, we want to work with you to get to the root cause of your issues. By using integrative medicine, we strive to treat our patients as people from day one. If you would like to book an appointment or get more information on IV Nutritional, Ozone Therapy, or our other services, please contact us at 208-497-0500.