The Best of Both Worlds! By Staff.

This article is intended for those who are less prone to wanting natural medicine. If you love antibiotics and don’t believe in essential oils then read on.

Let me briefly tell you my story and then try and educate you on why The Healing Sanctuary is still a great place for you to come. My educational background is very conventional and was based on traditional Western medicine. I had one integrative class in my schooling and it was about 5 hours total in time. My classmates and I complained of this class and thought it was pointless. However, there was a part of me that was somewhat intrigued. Nevertheless, I continued to not believe for the most part in natural healing remedies. I loved learning about medications and treatments for certain conditions.

During my first few months of conventional practice in a family clinic, I soon realized that not everything I was doing for my patients was helping them. Often, their labs would improve but their symptoms would stay the same. Sometimes their symptoms would even worsen due to side effects of medications. I started focusing more on nutrition and soon noticed that patient’s labs were improving but so too were their symptoms. I continued to deepen my knowledge of integrative medicine with conferences and study and fell in love with it.

Let me describe one definition of the word integrative medicine: To integrate both Western and Eastern medicine (or conventional and natural medicine). I know that modern medicine has a huge role in the overall health of society. Many people’s lives are greatly improved with the advances available and I personally know several people who would in no way be alive without conventional medicine. I believe that at times antibiotics are needed. And I still prescribe conventional medications when necessary. But with our training and philosophy, we can have the best of both worlds here at the Healing Sanctuary.

We have some patients that we see who still prefer the conventional medicine route. For those who are more prone to medications, we will try and educate them on what we know can help them, give them their options, and then support them in their decision and try and help with the healing process. For example, if I have a patient with diabetes or pre-diabetes, we will focus on making a personalized nutrition and exercise program as these are the most important aspects of the condition. If nutrition is already where it needs to be, we will consider addressing some other things that may cause diabetes, including nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxicants, or heavy metal toxicity. We will discuss different vitamins, herbs, and supplements that can help improve the problem. We will discuss medications if needed or desired by the patient … and then we will continue to monitor symptoms and labs.

I love having the best of both worlds. I invite you to come and learn what we have to offer. You will not be disappointed!